Before the Sundering, when the Age of Twilight began, the world was a mythical and amazing place. A land of darkness shrouded by a monstrous tree. Legend says that an Elden Lord, whose body is that of a tree, was bored. Since he couldn’t enter the darkness, he created a world, an Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version. It’s a multidimensional world created by a tree spirit, and it’s a magical world full of dangers that threaten it. To protect the Elden Ring, an army of Elden is formed. The duty of an Elden Lord is to protect the Elden Ring, and to restore the world. HOW TO PLAY: You can use the avatar of your choice to control your characters. You can choose from 9 classes, customize a set of equipment, and build your character. 3 vanguards. 8 classes: Barbarian, Mage, Archer, Warrior, Caster, Dark Elf, Fighter, and Wizard. Classes can have special traits, which indicate the “development” of your class. Normal attacks. High-grade weapons (4-star). Magic effects (4-star). The 3 vanguards can use 5:20 magic attacks. 2.5 × 1.5 magic attack bonus. Ability to choose 1 of 2 attack modes: / or /. 2.5 × 2.5 magic attack bonus. Ability to choose 1 of 2 weapon modes: / or /. All characters benefit from high-grade equipment. Game characters can learn skills as they level up. Characters can accumulate experience points depending on the number of games and the difficulty. Characters increase in level as they progress through each game. In a big world, there can be more than one difficulty. The current difficulty level can be changed to any other difficulty level in the main menu. Once the difficulty is set, it will be stored for future play. For the name of the game, see the “Name” menu in the main screen. EXPANDED FEATURES: Expansion of class and custom class additions Classes have been expanded. You can use the boomerang as a weapon, and there are new classes of weapons such as the sword. 3rd Class Extra stats. Victory conditions based on experience. New class of spell: super magic. The damage increase of spells. Ability to choose 1 of 3 dark warrior classes: knight,


Features Key:

  • Support up to 4 players
  • Roguelike RPG
  • A large procedural map
  • A guild system that you can join
  • Over 100 different items and equipment
  • Over 100 different foes
  • Excellent presentation with dynamic movies
  • Tons of game content and replayability

    Physical description:

    (Version 1.10) Created By: MadTETT




    X570 (Win.)

    X555 (Win.)

    X570 (Mac.)

    X555 (Mac.)

    X570 (Linux.)

    X555 (Linux.)

    X570 (PS4.)

    X555 (PS4.)

    X570 (Xbox One.)

    X555 (Xbox One.)