After being expelled from a mental institution for your own good, a mad man from hell decided to take over the world. In a mad circle of life, the crazy man is turned into a robot. However, after a year, you find yourself in a lost castle with little hope. Almost all the phones are dead, the doors are blocked and you are short of air. After a long trip and a series of crazy adventures, you will be able to free yourself, your best friend and all of mankind! ============================= Requirements: – Phone and Galery – Android 2.2 and higher – ENJOY PLAYING PILLS4SKILLS!!! ============================= Release Notes: ============================================ ============================= LOGIN: ============================= 1) Click the “Play Now” button to start the game 2) Login on the Pills4Skills website, a new account with a unique username and password will be created 3) Upload the game apk onto Pills4Skills, a new game entry will appear in the home section. 4) Create a unique username and password, then login into Pills4Skills 5) Your game has been added to the home section, you can play on Android or iPhone with the same username and password. ============================= If you have any question or problems, you can contact us via: Email: [email protected] Google+: Facebook: ============================= If you want to contact with us, you can do the following: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: ============================= Thanks for playing! DANCE TO THE PILLS! CATCH THE PILLS!! FEED THE PILLS!!! ► Send us some dance or dance whatever you want! ► GameDyndie: ► Facebook:


PC Building Simulator – NZXT Workshop Features Key:

  • Multiple permutations compatible with all ESPVRs worldwide.
    The Nintendo GameCube is the father of the Vrideo game system.
  • Icon/GUI button interface makes the video game interface easy to control.
  • The Vrideo game system is a joy to use and a fun social experience.
  • Preorder information:

    The Vrideo game system can be preordered now at the Vrideo web site for $149.99. Vrideo systems do not include any games yet. For information about upcoming Vrideo games, visit VRideo customers area, Facebook, 8 CAF,,

    R&D Log

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    What’s new in PC Building Simulator – NZXT Workshop:

    Current Issue – Issue 3 26 July, 2012
    21 July, 2012 New partner: M&C Saatchi, London
    19 July, 2012