The most exciting, challenging, and addicting private eye game ever!
An exciting slice-of-life mystery game with a cool cover mechanic and quirky characters. Each day a thrilling new mystery comes out for you to crack. Every day you’ll be asked to solve the mystery, each event will lead to a new puzzle to solve. Everyday a new client, and their new case to solve.
Feeling stressed? Don’t worry, just ask your colleagues for help!
Features & Features
– Puzzles (solving, reading clues, interacting with people, and solving puzzles)
– 20+ Events (unique in each character)
– Daily Puzzles (everyday the day a new puzzle will be waiting for you to solve)
– Interact with people, talk to them for clues
– New Jobs, Clients, and Interactions every day (so never get bored!)
– True-To-Life Characters (Each character has their own personality and interests)
– Think Outside-The-Box: Crack puzzling puzzles with a new mechanic, Interaction-Based Puzzles, and a Reversed Logic Puzzle!
– 3 Decades of Realistic Puzzles and Character Development
– 24 Hours of gameplay
– True-To-Life Storyline and Earnable Achievements
– Adapting to all difficulties, including Survival Mode!
– Wonderful Soundtrack!
– Good Luck!
We’ll be updating the game regularly, adding more levels, characters, and features.
Is Sam Glyph a Private Eye?
Yes, Sam Glyph can be a Private Eye! Every character has their own personality, and interests. You can decide how to play the detective and what type of detective you want to be. A few key features are:
– Intelligence: Sam knows what to do, but he needs to think fast!
– Reasoning: Sam can use deductive reasoning, logical reasoning, or intuition to solve puzzles and crack the case.
– Personal Skills: Our characters are interesting, unique, and sometimes quirky. A few key features are:
– Social Skills: Sam knows how to use social skills to get information, how to interact with people, and how to use their ability to their advantage!
– Playstyle: Everyone has a personal style of playing Sam Glyph! We’ve created a bunch of playstyles to cater to all kinds of different playstyles, and personalities!
– Playstyle Picture: Whether you want to play the game like a hardcore detective, or with an open-


Features Key:

  • One or Two Player Pc Game
  • Simple Controls
  • Challenging Game play with more than 2 Players
  • Five Unique Game Modes such as frantic mode,multiplayer,synergy mode,challenge mode,loch mode
  • Playable on Desktop(one touch play mode supported)
  • Crazy Ball Adventures Google App Store link

    • One or Two Player Pc Game
    • Simple Controls
    • Challenging Game play with more than 2 Players
    • Five Unique Game Modes such as frantic mode,multiplayer,synergy mode,challenge mode,loch mode
    • Playable on Desktop(one touch play mode supported)

    Have Fun!

    Which one to download?

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    Lovely Ball Game is a game full of crazy, fast-paced action that will have you addicted for hours. You can choose to play 1 player or 2 players in head-to-head mode, against different levels of the AI. Control the ball with the arrows and press space to hit the ball as hard as you can. As you progress, new enemies will emerge on the screen and your opponents will get even more ferocious!
    If the AI grows too superior, it will eventually be able to split into two battling couples. You will face some ancient traps and get a new round with others new fine tuned!

    Total Playtime


    MARDEK (Updated 2022)

    Superstar Streetz, what’s not to love? Everyone wants a piece of the limelight, so why not you? With great graphics, fun gameplay and a splendid mood, Superstar Streetz brings the races to life. Test your driving skills and connect with your friends to prove who is the best!
    • Take control of your car and embark on an adrenaline-filled race with split-screen 2 Minute Races.
    • Compete against your friends in 16 different game modes, including Elimination Mode and Pursuit Mode.
    • Collect coins along the race track to unlock the parts and customize your vehicle.
    • Race in over 30 different racing classes.
    • Customize your car to suit your requirements. The Parts Shop lets you choose the parts you want to use in your vehicle, with a great selection from your garage, and more to come!
    • Upgrade your car with Gold Key to earn even more coins.
    • Race, tune, take photos, upload it to your social media profiles, and share it with friends.
    Main features:
    • Realistic physics
    • Awesome graphics
    • Multiplayer racing games
    • Game modes
    • Various racing classes
    • Customization of cars
    • Arcade-style gameplay
    • Split screen racing
    • Upgrade with Gold Key
    • Online achievements and leaderboards
    • Facebook and Twitter sync
    • 25 stunning cars
    • 3 championship seasons
    • Customization of your vehicle
    • Global leaderboard
    • Connect with your friends

    For WindowsPhone 10 devices, you can buy a license from the store using the link below.

    The Superstar Streetz players guide is a free app that will help you to know all about the Superstar Streetz. Superstar Streetz is a multiplayer action-packed racing game. Race to success in 2 minute races, and outcompete your opponents with a range of destructive and fancy weapons across different race tracks. Thinking that’s all we have to offer? Choose and customise your favourite car to your liking, by using a range of available parts! From paints to rear wings, your car can be customised in every aspect. With Gold Key, you can benefit even more, with the ability to create and expand your garage! So what are you waiting for? Join and play Superstar Streetz, and build your fame! Download the game for free now!
    About This Game:
    Superstar Streetz, what’s not to love? Everyone wants a piece of


    MARDEK Activation Download X64

    VR Dungeon is a local multi-player game. It takes place in the realm of the glyphs, called the Grimoire. In this realm, you and your friend have to communicate so you can escape the maze of the dungeon. That’s why the VR player has to ask the phone player questions about the puzzles to help him understand the glyphs written on the walls.
    The gameplay consists of 3 adventures in 2 different worlds to test your coordination and your puzzle-solving skills. This game is meant to be played as a 2 player co-op game, but the secondary player can unlock bonus content for the main character.
    Walkthrough of the 3 Adventures:
    Escape the dungeon with the VR player by finding clues and solving puzzles. Unlock 2 different local co-op bonus content for the main character if you’re playing the game with a second person.
    This game uses QuickTime VR, also known as QuickTime VR Player (this file type is not supported on Samsung Gear VR)
    – HTC Vive
    – Two Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge phones
    – Android device
    Find the golden portal, find the exit in this puzzle:
    2D Image (approx. 1m by 1m)
    The doors have to be opened simultaneously.
    Bonus content:
    This game is also available in one more section if you use a smartphone:
    2D Static Image (approx. 1m by 1m)
    A variation on the first puzzle, the image doesn’t contain any doors.
    PS: This game uses QuickTime VR, also known as QuickTime VR Player (this file type is not supported on Samsung Gear VR)
    Related Game “VR Coaster”
    The process of encoding a game in Unity and using VR middleware for the two HTC Vive we’ve decided to make this game compatible with another VR game we made, “VR Coaster”, a VR local co-op game.
    “VR Coaster” is the first VR game we’ve made that doesn’t use QuickTime VR. We made this decision as that file type is not supported on the Gear VR.
    Use the same QR code to download the companion app for “VR Coaster” as mentioned before.You can now play “VR Coaster” with your friend on the HTC Vive and “VR Dungeon” with your friend on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
    If you’re new to VR Games:


    What’s new:

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      In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you are Henry, a young, freshly-turned knight who leaves his home in Bohemia behind in search of a better future. Convinced to do God’s work, you set out with your two friends, Hiccup and Shannyn, to resurrect the Kingdom of Bohemia. But in order to do so, you must first free it from the grip of the most feared tyrant in the region, the nobleman Tvorn and his foul band of outlaws.
      • Deep, immersive RPG: Play a fearless new hero, with the skills to defend yourself or battle the enemy.
      • Prepare to take the plunge: Start your journey in the northern wilderness, as well as forge alliances with local townsfolk to advance your quest.
      • Journey to eight different locales: Explore Bohemia’s rich history, living conditions, and everyday life, from the bustling towns of Vlkov to the thriving port of Tricínsko.
      • Travel by horse or foot: Character progression is fully integrated with traditional RPG elements. Create your unique character, learn new skills and gain experience as you journey across Bohemia.
      • Craft powerful weapons and armor: Investigate the local black market to find the materials you need, craft weapons and armor, and take back the items you’ve found.
      • Fight for your allies: As a Knight, you are the centerpiece of every battle, leading your allies into action.
      • Intense combat: Equipped with shields and two-handed weapons, attack the enemy with devastating real-time action.
      • New gear and monsters: Earn new armor and weapons, along with new enemies and objects to interact with.
      • Unique open world: Use your horse, cross-country routes, and a map you carry around with you to reach new locations and travel from town to town at your own pace.
      • Crafted by the acclaimed creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
      *This is a single player game. Multiplayer will be available in the future
      *Support for Direct X 11 (Minimum: 11.1)
      *Available for Microsoft WindowsQ:

      Server Side async/promises

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    E.T. Retail Tycoon 1.0
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    System Requirements:

    A PS3® (or Xbox 360®) system, Wi-Fi® network, broadband Internet connection (ISP fees may apply), and PlayStation®Network account are all required to access online features.
    © 2014 Electronic Arts Inc. Battlefield™, EA, and Frostbite™ are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. and its subsidiaries. PlayStation® is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Xbox® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    The Left Behind™ service may be consumed through online services or the