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Features Key:

  • It’s free.
  • One person can play this game.
  • Easily find your best answer, and share with your friends.
  • Simple rules, easy to use.

    How to Play:

    • Flip the coin and attempt to take out the answer with the stone.
    • Use the control to help you faster your shooting.
    • The longer your game time last, the higher score you get.
    • The more times you use, you can increase your favorite.
    • You can create it by yourself.


    • left click to shoot
    • right click to change your fire

    Paste your answer when you can not answer.

    (1) It is a fact,

    (2) It is not a fact,

    (3) Which is? (example: “sart: it is a fact”, “not: it is a fact”, “not: it is not a fact”)

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