A gritty action-adventure game in VR, RUNNER takes you on an epic run-and-gun chase as Mina, an underground courier on the run from an enemy corporation, the Caldara. The chaos builds as Mina tries to outrun her pursuers while being hunted by relentless waves of autonomous drones, all controlled by an AI mastermind at the heart of the Caldara complex.
In RUNNER, players experience the action first-hand as they pedal their modified motorcycle through the various sectors of the moon. They’re chased by the mysterious Black Corporation, a covert corporation who’s suddenly taken an interest in Mina. As the game unfolds, players will discover the truth behind Mina’s identity and her troubled past.
It all began with a simple mission.
Mina hasn’t seen her daughter in years and needs to go to her sister Trish’s house. The money was for drugs. If Mina wants her daughter back she needs to deliver the money.
The plan is simple. Mina’s car breaks down in Presidium’s capital city and she needs to borrow a motorcycle. She can’t mess this up, as there’s a reward for her trouble.
It’s been four years since Mina’s last stint in the criminal underworld. The plan was to just find her daughter and leave. But Trish and the whole town are involved now. If Mina doesn’t try to make a run for the border of the mining colony, her daughter will be taken.
This time, Mina is not going alone. She has a new partner and a gun. They might be more trouble than they are worth.
Forced into a cross-border chase, Mina and her new partner must evade Caldara’s heavily armed drones and their ultimate target: the corporation’s corporate villain, Dr. Florian Caldara.
Set in the fictional GIGAN space colony region, RUNNER is a non-stop arcade-style driving experience that captures the feel of a real-world apocalyptic chase. In addition to Mina’s on-the-run journey, the player will also take on dangerous combat missions alongside the other characters in the game.
I’ve been playing video games my whole life. Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by the world of games, and it was always a huge part of my life. When creating RUNNER, it was important to me that it


Battle Of Angels Soundtrack Features Key:

  • One Player – Single Player
  • Single Player Campaign – Supported
  • Multiplayer – Supported

The Age of History II Game Key features:

  • Show scoreboard while doing PvP
  • Map loading (hint: off can be helpful
  • Screenshot taken during PvP so you never miss a blow.
  • Continue from where you left off.
  • Multiple Lobbies (Internet, LAN, and Offline)
  • One player campaign function.
  • WWII Operation runs from 1939-45 in the whole Europe.
  • All period supplements are included.
  • Aviator Air Corps.
  • New airplanes, viewings with choppers, burnout
  • Many different battles and many bonuses.
  • New Operations:
  • Mediterranean; Birth of the Desert Air War; Battle of Bloody April
    Battle for oil: Battle of Anglos Pacific; Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of the Atlantic: Eagle Battle of the Atlantic – Battle of the Soviet Union troops Battle of the Soviet Union troops
  • More aircrafts in Pilots and gunners AR at sea
  • New landing grounds in Tyumen, Khabarovsk, Manchukuo
  • Random missions.
  • Invasions of some British islands
  • Scraping
  • Other game details…


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Nation Breakers: Steam Arena offers a modern take on the LBP-style games that came before it. Set in an industrial steampunk setting, fast-paced, controller-flinging, 2D-action-steampunk-destructathon-platformer, the game offers varying levels of challenge.
– Inspired by LittleBigPlanet
– Hardware accelerated games
– Horde mode
– 16-bit sfx
– Simple, easy to learn controls with a lot of depth
– It’s fun, it’s an authentic platformer
– Multiplayer controlled by friends
– “Crowd controllers” – up to 4 players!
At its base, a LittleBigPlanet/Renegade Kid style game, with some unique twists.
• You’re a steam-bot, flying cannon, made from glass.
• You can pick up projectiles, making them deadly and shooting projectiles yourself.
• You can throw projectiles, as well as jump, double jump, slide and fly in the air.
• You can also use your “grab attacks” to reach, climb, jump and/or double jump anywhere.
• Craft items with your unique skills, you can also use a mini-gun, lightning gun, etc.
• Depending on your class you can pick up items to change it’s properties.
• Each arena starts with 4 items, while you start with 4 of your own.
• Throughout the levels new items will appear, you can pick them up and craft them, or find a power-up, which gives you a temporary buff.
• You can use the powers of your robot to change the arena, for example: Spawn a ladder to lead your way up, an elevator for the highest reach, a pipe which opens up new areas, etc.
• You lose 20 steam each time you die, so you will need to get shots in quickly before you run out of steam and lose!
The live version is a bit less buggy, more stable and better optimized.
We’re currently working on more optimization, more stable prototypes, and other improvements for the next early access release.
The game is inspired by the LittleBigPlanet series, and to this day we haven’t seen a big game take a more modern approach to the platformer genre. Hence the name. The game will be a crazy mash-up of everything you’re used to from our previous games as well as new


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The Holidays are a time when all of us are relaxing in order to enjoy rest and relaxation. It is the time of year when we meet our friends, sing songs, eat delicious food and spend time with our loved ones. This game reminds us of a little bit of all of that. You, as a kid, suddenly get a call on a family holiday. You are invited to meet your family, but, unfortunately, you are not on holidays themselves. Your family is having a party! This gives you the opportunity to take a look at their celebration! Help to get an idea of what your family is doing this holiday. After that, you’re going to help them to finish up their party. But before that, you have to get ready for the party!
Game “Holiday Jigsaw Easter” Details:
Simple controls:
– tap anywhere on the screen to move the puzzle
– tap on the goal to finish it!
– at any time – touch the environment to hide the picture that corresponds to it
Game “Holiday Jigsaw Easter” Instructions:
This will be a family holiday party and you will have to decorate it as much as you can. After that, you have to check how all of the preparations went, and also have fun yourself. Start playing this amazing game now and help your family to organize a party for the holidays!
Game “Holiday Jigsaw Easter” Features:
– a cute landscape themed game with a beautiful background for a new holiday
– a beautiful place for a new holiday
– a great family holiday
– a party in which it’s very important to check how the preparations are going
– a cute animal themed game in which you can take care of a dog!
– cute funny pictures with a pleasant mood
– a super holiday themed game! Play now and enjoy!
Download Holiday Jigsaw Easter now! Find it on the App Store and the Google Play.
DownStream by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https


What’s new in Battle Of Angels Soundtrack:

HNI3Z: Blue Plate
GGAO: Cooking Demo 2LVRW: Good Friends, Splatters & Smooshes (Beta)F0IS: Small Arms: Zombie AvengerHMK5: Pacman ModePack: Goonies, Splatters, and SmooshesGuide: be sorry you’re a step lateT6S4: Time Attack! (Beta)

OK, I’m going to play the game again to see if it did indeed appear on my list. I think for whatever reason I didn’t go back and change the control scheme for GTA III to Classic gameplay after I got it last time. Let me know how it goes.Q:

How to Click on the particular link of the table

I have a HTML table of 230 rows. and in the same table i have one textbox. in the below html table,i want to fill the all values in the table to textbox. I used the following code
HTML code:
//check if the element is element of document, else if this element is from ajax do your call
$(‘table’).each(function () {
var $header = $(‘thead tr’); // get the header
var $cells = $(this).find(‘th’); // look for the data columns

var header = $header.next().text(); // get the column name in the thead
var cells = $cells.text(); // get the column data in thetbody


and the JSP page code is:


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Neroe is facing the final challenge: to get into the Castle.

He must face the dangers of the overworld and the dangers of the dungeons.

The main character is in the middle of an adventure where you must collect items, catch creatures, dodge enemies and take the most challenging turns!

Choose how you want to play with 2 or 4 players. Have a local multiplayer or play alone.

Game Details

In OVERWORLD, you can capture creatures on overworld

If you want to have other players to play with, go to local multiplayer

You can play in local multiplayer and play cooperatively or fight

There is always a need of items to prevent the end of the game

There is a shop to buy them

The items you find will equip you and make you more powerful

You will also find animals and food items

In DUNGEONS, you must find keys and get into the castle

You can play co-operatively or go alone

You can catch creatures and dodge enemies

There are many enemies and bosses

You can find traps and puzzles

Sometimes you need to fight

The enemys you face will use special attacks

You can find creatures and special items in the dungeons

In dungeons, you can find keys and you can collect items and the treasures

You can equip them or do them as a favor to the people you meet

Some keys are locked when you start a game file but they will unlock as you complete the game

Enemies and traps are often present

Enemies can attack you, sometimes you must fight them

You find items that are useful, weapons and armour

You can equip them or use them as a favor

You can throw fireballs and enemies

You must attack in sequence

You have a shield and a bow

You can find a pet and a mount

The mount is powered and has special abilities

You can use your mount to get around

You can explore the caves

You can find a shop

You can store and equip items

You can sell items to get items

There are many NPCs in the game

You can talk to all of them

You can change your character appearance

You can go to towns

You can go to the shops to buy items

You can interact with other people

You can


How To Crack Battle Of Angels Soundtrack:

  • 1. Download the game Aaero – 1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack
    2. Take the download to the install folder
    3. Run the.exe as administrator
    4. The game will start installing
    5. When the installation is finished, your game may find some cracks
    6. If so, right-click on the cracks and press Run As Administrator
    7. After that, the cracks will be activated
    8. Enjoy playing the game!


Solution To Fix:

If you still cannot make your game run and play well, please backup your game save and try other game data clean in filehippo.com. If the game doesn’t run well when you delete some files, then you have to backup the game, and then visit,filehippo.com and check the files that you have removed. You can also try the following solutions:
1) Repair Game Aaero – 1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack
2) Repair Game Aaero – 1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack



OS Requirement: 

  • Your PC must meet the minimum system requirement of Windows 7/8.1/10.
  • If you don't meet these criteria, we are sorry! Please upgrade your computer and try again!



  • Enjoy the game and enjoy the download



System Requirements:

– CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
– RAM: 4 GB
– OS: Windows 10
– DISPLAY: 1024×768 resolution or higher
– DIRECTX: Version 11 (6.0)
-.NET Framework: Version 4.0
– YOYO EXPLO-18V5 – Version 3.0
* For full functionality, the following software must be installed:
ZOOM Browser (Download)




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