Demon Zombie Outpost is inspired by the games Bastion & Dead Island.
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Complete :
* Bastion (2012) gameplay movie (720p)
* Dead Island (2010) gameplay movie (720p)
* 7th Guest (2000) gameplay movie (720p)
* Idyll: Along the Shadow (2004) gameplay movie (720p)
* Kokoro (2003) gameplay movie (720p)
* Silent Hill 2 (2005) gameplay movie (720p)
* Silent Hill (1998) gameplay movie (720p)
* The Longest Journey (2008) gameplay movie (720p)
* Tomb Raider (2001) gameplay movie (720p)
* Uncharted 2 Gameplay Movie (2013)

Halfway complete :
* Devil May Cry 4 (2012) gameplay movie (720p)
* Dead Island 2 (2013) gameplay movie (720p)
* BioShock Infinite (2013) gameplay movie (720p)
* God of War Collection Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Tomb Raider Collection Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Planeshift Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Heavy Rain Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Obduction Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Portal Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Beyond (2012) gameplay movie (720p)
* Far Cry 3 Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Watch Dogs Gameplay Movie (2013)
* The Order: 1886 Gameplay Movie (2013)

Partially completed :
* Shadow of the Colossus (2005) gameplay movie (720p)
* Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (2009) gameplay movie (720p)
* The Amazing Spider Man (2012) gameplay movie (720p)
* Mega Man Legends Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Nier Gameplay Movie (2013)
* The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) gameplay movie (720p)
* Skyrim (2011) gameplay movie (720p)
* God of War Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Far Cry 3 Gameplay Movie (2013)
* Wolfenstein (2009) gameplay movie (720p)
* Assassin’s


Features Key:

  • Default Data Tables
  • Custom Colors
  • Trigram Logos
  • Animatic
  • Custom Fonts
  • Color enabled
  • Sector Scope Report


    The Sector Scope Report gives us the opportunity to do a deeper dive into the Indian market. Should we really be putting this on here? Not necessarily. But with all the releases coming over the next few months there has been much interest in this report. When I put together the report it looked really good but I almost forgot about it and I had some other important stuff to be working on. Then the New Year came and I was overwhelmed with other projects and I almost forgot about it, but it has started looking really good. I’ve put together a seminar with a few screenshots showcasing the report in a complete game format. The seminar should be extremely useful to pretty much everyone I’ll be talking about the report. Buy the report at two separate game stores so you get some coupons. You can grab the seminar at Check out Section I


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    Runes of Brennos is a cool and exciting game in which you harness the mystical power of runes. The main goal is to memorize runes and unleash their power against your opponent, who is also trying to find runes and win.
    Player skill is needed to win the fights, and careful thinking is required to decide which runes to use and how to deploy them against your opponent. The fights get harder and harder as you progress in the game, forcing you to concentrate to win.
    Developing your strategy and tactics is the key to success. Because there are multiple runes and no runes are stronger than others, you must learn and think about the runes you use to their full potential. You might feel like a master druid, but if you think before you act, you will almost certainly be defeated.
    Can you become a master of rune combat and seize control of the rune sphere?
    You can download all versions of the game and play it immediately from your browser. You can also download the game as a Steam application.
    Legal Disclaimer:
    Runes of Brennos is a product of Frogster Entertainment AB. This game is free to play, but players can purchase additional items with real money. In order to purchase Runes of Brennos items with real money, you must be at least 16 years of age.From the desk of Benny Hsu

    Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the morning after a few drinks, a double espresso, and a half-eaten breakfast. You leave your house, and walk towards the subway station. The next step is a stop at your favorite dive bar, where your friend gets you a free pint, you stop by the bakery, and then after a quick coffee you take the train to work.

    Two hours into your eight hours, you and your colleague are discussing the state of your teams and your latest project. Then you realize that you need to hop a train to get home, and you realize you haven’t checked your email, your mails, or your phone in over an hour. You hear the train coming, so you grab the last of your morning coffee and jump on the train. You’re asking for directions on your phone as you’re barreling down the platform and there’s a “NEW” Facebook message from someone who’s just begun his/her working day.

    It’s an exhausting day, and as you’re wondering to yourself which is


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    A Ton Of Feathers is a visual novel that was built for VR. It has a plot that ranges between fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. It takes place in a world where everything has gone slightly crazy. The plot is told via text messages as well as voice acting. It’s a unique VR experience because it is the first in a series and all of the installments are going to have the same plot. The characters are going to all of have their own personalities, and it’s possible to choose which way you want the plot to go.

    The Story:

    Our protagonist, Clov, is a ghost hunter. He lives in the house of his late grandfather, where he was born. One day, when he was very young, his family was taken by a weird man. This man is the key to Clov’s story. Our protagonist starts off on a plot that revolves around fantasy and sci-fi. One day, he stumbles upon the strangest message in history. The message says, “We have seen the future.” This means that the future is going to be different, and it’s going to be a bit twisted.

    Our protagonist’s journey is about a world that is slowly changing. It goes from normal, to slightly strange, to completely insane. He is going to travel across this crazy world while trying to unravel the mysteries that surround him.

    The Plot:

    This game has a very unique and interesting plot. It’s a novel-style novel that was first imagined by David Lynch. The plot is made up of a series of messages that have been sent to our protagonist. These messages take place in the past, present, and future. They may seem confusing at first, but it’s really easy to see the story and learn what is happening. It’s very well told, and it’s a journey that I’d suggest everyone takes.

    The Characters:

    The characters in this game are really well-written. They have a lot of depth and their personalities are all very well-done. The protagonist’s journey is more about finding out about himself, rather than solving a mystery.

    The voices are also really well-done. It’s a live-action roleplaying-style setting, so there is plenty of voice acting. It’s great that the game is all-in-one because that way the audience can feel like they are living the characters’ lives as well as reading their stories. I really liked


    What’s new in Squishies:

    Pack (Xbox One)

    The Operation Zero Tolerance episode isn’t complete without a fantastic localization pack! Ryza and her new friends talk a bit about the world (high school no more), about Phantom Pain and the rest of the project. *1A Q&A with Billy Byrne on Operation Zero Tolerance, and live stream on Saturday, April 4th!Bryce Harper could be close to naming a destination for his next free agent season. It’s no secret that the Philadelphia Phillies had Harper in their sights last offseason, but seven weeks into negotiations with his representation, the outfielder remains adamant that the Phillies be the only team he decides to sign with in 2019.

    Alex Vazquez of tweeted Sunday that four teams have engaged Harper in discussions on the two- to three-year deal. The Phillies and the Cubs already are feeling Harper’s power. But Vazquez reported on Saturday that the Dodgers, Yankees, Rangers and Red Sox also have inquired. Harper reportedly cut his phone down to just seven teams. He also mentioned Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. Harper wanted to play in Florida. But Loria appears not to be interested in giving him what he wants, knowing he’d be forced to pay too much in luxury taxes.

    As the top free-agent hitter on the market, Harper could have interest from all 31 teams. He’s represented by Scott Boras, who has advocated for Harper to go to the Phillies, but he could have interest elsewhere and negotiate with a variety of agents. When Boras tweeted the Phillies’ interest in Harper on Wednesday, he also Tweeted that the Mets were “trying to upgrade the position.” He also suggested the Phillies as a potential landing spot.

    Harper doesn’t have an agent. However, he has commitments from Philadelphia. He declined to sign with Boras. And Harper could be tempted to go somewhere new with a fresh start. He’d love to go to Chicago.

    “I love how calm [club president] Bry [Company] is and I’ve seen how he handles situations and conversations with the front office and what that means,” Harper told Sporting News in June. “He comes in, he says it and that’s it.”

    The Phillies are looking to add on the left side of their outfield. Aaron Altherr could fill that spot for Chicago. But before the Cubs got their free-agent or trade-target stud to agree to their five-year, $125 million deal, they likely engaged Bryce Harper


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    The era of the American Trans-continental Railway with the introduction of steam was a colossal undertaking for the American public. Between 1876 and 1910, over 300 railroad companies went bankrupt in an effort to construct the giant railroad that was to bind the eastern and western states together. The legacy of this era is the wide array of steam powered, finest point to point transportation that adorned the landscape of the continent. Even today, the American landscape continues to be transformed by the vast amount of railroad iron that still exists.Steam can be seen and heard throughout the 1884 railroad, capturing the awe and wonder of the travel experience with its immense traction power. The railroad can no longer be ignored. The PRR T1 was created in an effort to capture the look, feel and sound of locomotive design during this golden era.The T1 series was manufactured in Japan from a mixture of other existing locomotives. The exterior shell is, thankfully, built from steel due to its unparalleled strength. On the interior, most components are constructed from steel or aluminum, but a reasonable amount of wooden components still exist. The result is an amazing sense of realism, which is brought to life with the sound and design of the steam locomotive.The T1 series features 50% authentic interior, the steam railroad era steam locomotive. The engine design, operation and sound are based upon an existing locomotive design and the incredible steam model trains of the present. The number’s of miles you drive the locomotive per day, weather, time of day, and seasons will affect the operational status of the locomotive.Things to keep in mind;- The T1 series has a full animated cab- The interiors are perfect factory default, no retextureing was done. The ambient sound effect is ‘Steam’ and the working elements are the engines. Some kits include true animated blaze effects, in this case, they are not included. – Check out the rules of the TrainBoard platform.Rules for T1 Series:- A single ‘A Fleet of Modernism’ locomotive is the maximum that will fit on a single TrainBoard platform. – Idle for 5 Minutes or 30 Seconds without direction from the controller will lead to the locomotive shutting down. – Reverse is a rail and cannot be used. – Go out of bounds will cause immediate shutdown. – Locomotives can be shown in an idle state for the purpose of maintenance, but idle past 5 minutes will lead to shutdown. – Once engine is in a powered locomotive state, one direction is required


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  • Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – The Tyrants Grasp (v2.45.1)
  • Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – The Tyrants Grasp (v2.46.2)
  • What is Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinders RPG – The Tyrant’s Grasp?

    1. Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinders RPG – The Tyrant’s Grasp: Fantasy Grounds – the best tool for a truly immersive roleplaying gaming experience.

    Top Features of Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – The Tyrant’s Grasp

    1. Easy to use while your hard drives/usb drive copy of the game to maximize source compatibility.
    2. Save and auto import your source data by drawing as only selected NPCs and rules needed.
    3. More intuitive and easier to use Pathfinder Conversion options and inventory.
    4. Can import homebrew content and mods.
    5. Superior support for real-time/multiplayer. Supports even real-time PC to mobile (smartphone/tablet) sessions.
    6. Add-ons for all the support of your archive format.
    7. Can import your own NPC sheets and rules.
    8. Playable with Voice Over Support, VTT and Player Choice (PC/SC).
    9. Playable on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).
    10. Fully licensed software – Free and Open Source Software!


    System Requirements:

    The main focus of this mod is to make the game more realistic by fixing pretty much all of the issues with the game and making everything work as intended. This mod is not necessary to play the game as it is just a different point of view. This mod adds some additional content and fixes the issues with the gameplay. This is a user friendly mod. This mod requires you to make a new world file but it doesn’t require you to start over.
    In this version I have added a map, what is missing and fixed issues with farming and crafting