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AutoCAD Crack is the world’s most popular and widely used software package for the creation of architectural and engineering drawings. It is offered in several editions for desktop, mobile and cloud computing and is available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms.

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What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software used to create and edit 2D and 3D models. It enables the users to draw geometric shapes, measure distances, and analyze them to the system. It is one of the most popular application in the world of engineering, architecture, and many other technical uses.

AutoCAD is developed as a desktop application, which works on the Windows operating system. However, it is also available as a web app and mobile apps.

AutoCAD is an expensive package and is not meant for the beginners. However, with proper training and understanding, anyone can use AutoCAD to create stunning 3D drawings.

AutoCAD is not an exact copy of other CAD packages; it is much more than just a drawing tool.

Key Features

Here is a list of some of the most important features of AutoCAD:

Draw the line, shape, or polyline in the drawing that will be used in a drawing

Draw the line, shape, or polyline that will be used in a drawing and edit it accordingly

Create vector graphic in the drawing

Create and edit the fonts, characters, and styles for text in the drawing

Set the rotation of a view to match with a reference view in the drawing

Work on the scale of a drawing and measure distances in a drawing

Edit and trace other drawings

Use transparency and colors

Save the drawing to disk

Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD offers different keyboard shortcuts to save the drawing in the most efficient manner. Here are some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + F – Undo last action

– Undo last action Ctrl + Y – Undo last action

– Undo last action Alt + Shift + Z – Undo all actions

– Undo all actions Ctrl + Z – Redo last action

– Redo last action Alt + F + Z – Redo last action and undo all actions

– Redo last action and

AutoCAD Activation Code

Although the command-line interface (CLI) was not intended to support AutoLISP automation, many command-line interpreters have implemented AutoLISP, or other programming languages.

AutoCAD began as a vector graphics system. When version 1 was released in 1984 it could handle both 2D and 3D objects. When version 2 was released in 1988 it allowed the user to create 2D and 3D drawing files. AutoCAD continued to improve, and in 1991 version 3D was released. AutoCAD continued to evolve and now has some of the most powerful 3D modeling tools, with supporting workflows and CAD-based files. This evolved into AutoCAD LT, and in 2012, the technology became Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

In addition to being a 2D and 3D drawing application, AutoCAD has also evolved into a building information modeling (BIM) product line.

AutoCAD is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and macOS. AutoCAD LT is available for both Windows and macOS. AutoCAD LT is available only as a browser-based application. Architectural Desktop is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

A number of open source software packages are based on AutoCAD and were developed by Autodesk, Free Software Foundation, and others.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

More uniform drawing commands: Markup Assist lets you enter drawing commands through keyboard shortcuts without always having to open the command panel.

Quicklink: You can now search for commands in the currently opened drawing or an open document.

Quicklinking: You can select an element in your drawing or open another drawing and quickly return to where you were.


You can now sync drawings with the mobile app to show them while you’re in the field.

Bidirectional text:

Text on your drawings now appears in the opposite direction.

Dynamic lines:

Adjust the length of the lines in your drawings to match the size of the underlying objects.


Add draping objects to your drawings.

Dynamic objects:

Your own images and symbols now show up as dynamic objects in your drawings.

Math expressions:

Define new math expressions through a new type of input box.

More vector effects:

Experience the power of vector objects in your drawings.

Use the BOM tool to edit a list of components, or cut and paste lists into your drawing.

Compound drawing views:

View and edit a compound drawing at the same time.

Bezier curves:

Precisely define the centerline of a curved line.

New drawing panels:

Work on a city map, manage a library or plan a furniture layout.

Advanced text settings:

Convert drawings from one or more fonts to another.


Build and manage raster images.

More styling:

Create a cleaner drawing with new drawing styles and paper effects.

Beachline rule:

Lines the bottom of your drawings.


Learn to type long words with this new word lookup feature.

Plane cuts:

Draw two parallel lines using a single line command.


Get started with a new tool for making complex annotations on your drawings.

Text settings:

Get the most out of your text with new character and font options.

3D view navigation:

Switch between different views, planes, and cameras with new methods and toolbars.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

PC Requirements:
macOS Requirements:
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