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Master detective Herlock Shaster has been hired to investigate the oddly named Red Tents of Night as a client has mysteriously disappeared from one of them. Now he must solve a baffling case of a school bus full of children frozen and hidden in the Red Tents of Night by murderous children in the company of a polar bear looking more like a Jack Russell Terrier. Can you discover why a school bus full of children is in the Red Tents of Night? The Children Go Mad, Ask Themselves Whether It’s Ok to Bite, and I Think I’ve Got It! This is the story of the heartwarming detective story based on the two bestselling novels by Stephan Talty, the creator of the super sleuth Herlock Shaster.
Also available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.
Key Features
Explore the surreal land of the Red Tents of Night where mystical creatures take on human form
Play out Herlock Shaster’s stories from the novels, published by Simon and Schuster
Explore the Red Tents of Night and its inhabitants – take photographs to unlock new scenes and information
Unlock special puzzle rooms to solve the mysteries of the Red Tents of Night
Collaborate with other players in the Ice-Pack Crime-Adventure Mystery Club to solve the case

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Features Key:

  • The Game for PC Windows without having to crack or any other illegal stuff.
  • No viruses or malware, guaranteed.
  • Easy one click automatic installation on your device.
  • In only 3-4 minutes you will be playing the game.
  • Some interactive puzzles and brain teasing crossword puzzles.
  • Collect the Rubbish for exciting bonus missions.
  • Autoplay background music and other exclusive features.
  • You can use the end credits option to see more than ever when you are stuck.
  • A fully interactive application which only requires Internet for its operation.No need for any download or registration free of charge.
  • The end of game credits offer more than 50 mini bonuses for the players.
  • Name Price Description Quantity Subtotal Rule
    19.99 Game for PC Windows 1 19.99  


    The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Crack + Activation Key For Windows

    Sherlock Holmes is over four million years old, has a cold case for a living and has captured the hearts of millions of fans. He’s the modern day detective’s detective, the man that can do no wrong. Now he’s being called on to solve a 50 year old cold case in London, and he’s to have some help from a fellow mystery loving amateur as he investigates a series of strange deaths and disappearances.
    In case you haven’t guessed from his name, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Free Download takes Holmes to a dark place, to places where his power of deduction and his insight is tested and blurred – by chance, or fate, or people who want their own solutions to the world’s problems.
    Cracked The Testament of Sherlock Holmes With Keygen is a brand new, real-time first person mystery adventure game with over 50 missions and 10 hours of gameplay and features classic adventure game mechanics. It is easy to play, but it’s harder to beat.
    Key Features
    Steal Ideas From Conan Doyle – The game is based on characters and ideas that were created by Arthur Conan Doyle, including the diary of Sherlock Holmes.
    Additional voices – Sherlock Holmes is voiced by Robert Addie (The Green Mile) who also played Holmes in The Hobbit film.
    Take to the Streets – Holmes and Watson embark on an investigation into the ‘mysterious deaths’ of colourful characters such as the ‘wicked’ Gretchen, the ‘harrowing’ killer and the ‘shocking’ maid.
    Enjoy a Unity game engine – A truly fluid in-game dynamic would be impossible to achieve on any other engine, so we built our own.
    Excellent levels and puzzles – There’s a reason why The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Product Key is repeatedly voted as one of the best games of the year.
    3D environments – There are places to explore and things to discover in the city.
    Save a life – In addition to saving the maid from the master, Holmes and Watson investigate a strange corner of London with a local man’s life at stake.
    Recruiting helpers – Holmes needs help with his investigation. If you’re a Sherlock fan, you’ll want to track down your favourite characters, re-create scenes from the books or look for any new characters that live in this universe.
    Unique detective game puzzle system – Endlessly intriguing, creative and fun.
    Special appearance of Sherlock Holmes’ brother


    The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Free

    Gameplay is the crux of the story in Sherlock Holmes. The detective is expert at more than just putting two and two together, he can investigate and solve problems, using items found, his brain and deductions. As far as story telling, this game could not be much better than it is.

    If you have a compulsion to know what happens next, and you are okay with not knowing everything you need to know to get there, you’ll find The Testament of Sherlock Holmes to be a great adventure.

    GameplayThe game follows the classic interface of any of the incarnations of Holmes. You have an inventory of items you can use, your case file to record clues you find and your card board board with paper/slate/pencilled in clues. You can use your brain to do a quick inventory of what items you have, how to use them, and what you need to find next.

    This game is highly tactical, as you have to find the clues, make the deductions and take the appropriate action to complete the case.

    If you are looking for something to beat, this will be at the top of your list. The production values and attention to detail is amazing.

    In fact, this may be the first time I have ever gone back to a game after a long break and found myself in awe at what happened. This is a new Sherlock Holmes and probably one of the best graphics I have seen. The characters look sharp and the locations that you travel through are very detailed.

    If you want to be reminded of Sherlock, you can’t miss this one.


    The core of the gameplay revolves around solving clues and deciphering puzzles. In fact, there is a basic puzzle genre that you play through as the game progresses. There are certain types of boxes, ropes, keys, locks, etc that Holmes has to open or use in order to progress in the game. You play on a board of boxes, doors, windows, etc and using your brain you have to deduce which one is the box, which one is the window and so on.

    If you find yourself a little stuck, you can access the menu and look at your notes, the inventory of items you have or take a guess. It takes a lot of deduction to solve the cases and you will use everything you have to make sure you get it right.

    The best part of the game is being able to see the whole game through one of your very own sets of eyes


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