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Finn and Jake are best friends who like to play video games together. Sometimes, they’re just hanging out… other times, they’re terrorizing the Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake are part of the Adventure Time world created by Pendleton Ward (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, Mutant Mudds) and a member of Cartoon Network’s team of Storyboard Artists, writers and animators.
Adventure Time: Explore the Wasteland is an adventure through three dimensions – the game world, the tablet and Finn and Jake’s head – with Finn and Jake as your unlikely heroes. It tells the story of Finn and Jake’s quest for a hidden gem known as the Gem of Perfection. This deadly relic was supposed to be a good thing, but Finn and Jake take it for themselves and accidentally bring on the end of the world! Join Finn, Jake and BMO in a story full of adventure, mystery and hilarity!


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Saving data types in XML documents

I have a program that was written using classes and other data structures. The classes have all been updated and are now just objects.
I now want to rewrite the program and use XML for some of the structure. The database schema has become much more important to me now that they are all objects.
Now my question is, what should I be putting into XML documents so that the format is compatible?
I have figured that my classes should contain just the object data and nothing else. However, this seems to be the same as having one massive XML document.
For example, should I be putting each class property into a separate XML node? What about methods?
What about the things that seem specific to the class, such as constructors, private fields, ect…
Should I just not worry about what is an object property and what isn’t?
The data that will be required is relatively simple, not many joins, but also not too many class properties, nor will the XML be used to be very big.
My initial thought is that there are generally two ways to save something to XML, one that is specific to the class and one that is general.


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  • The complex gameplay you have ever played.
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• World’s first Game created under the theme of Business.
An action game featuring various characters from other parts of the world that have a strong bond with each other.
Who will be the ruler of the entertainment world?
• The voices of the following actors are ready:
・Male: William Allen Young
・Female: Amber Lee
・Male: Sung-Ki Kim
・Female: Anna Mouly
・A man who played a major role in his family’s “Entertainment” business and had the respect of people around the world.
・A woman who was very successful in her parents’ “Entertainment” business and her business in reality is equally outstanding.
・An idol actress with a bright future.
・A young and gentle man who aims to make the entertainment industry thrive.
・A man and his wife who have led their “Entertainment” business for 20 years.
・A man who said he wouldn’t work with other “Entertainment” companies.
・A woman who doesn’t like family managers.
■Character E-mail
※ A character with a character name and an e-mail that will be sent with purchase of ticket has been included.
※ E-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address, even if you use a different e-mail address registered when you purchased the ticket.
1. Character E-mail:
2. Card & Background Art
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5. Bonus Ticket – TP & Gold Pack
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Battle of Survival:Fantastic Adventures Gameplay Showbiz Tycoon:
Main Quest:
Use the in game menu to select your "Showbiz Tycoon" or "Showbiz Empire". Then pick your game mode: "Juggling", "Rodeo", "War of nerves" or "Gorillas". Set your stats to "(No) Limit", or "(No) Stamina" or "Max Hunger". Then go into the "action" mode where you will take control of a marionette and take on the other players. To play the game use the arrow keys or WASD (for lefties). Once you've set up your settings simply press ENTER to start your game.
The action will then begin! You will have 15 minutes to use your movements, skills and timing to be the winner!
NOTE: The game will progress automatically. There is no pause feature. The onscreen timer will only stop if you click the pause button on your keyboard.
Party Guessing Gameplay:
Use the in game menu to select your "Showbiz Tycoon" or "Showbiz Empire". Then pick your game mode: "Party guessing", "Guessing Game", "Guessing Battle" or "Maze Madness". Set your stats to "(No) Limit" or "(No) Stamina". Then go into the "action" mode where you will take control of the marionettes. To play the game simply press ENTER. As you begin the game you will be asked to guess the identity of the person your current puppet is wearing, then you must predict the place the person will go next. Remember if you predict right it will increase your stats and you will get that person to place and say your next word. It is as simple as that. The game will progress automatically. There is no pause feature. The on


What’s new in Showbiz Tycoon:


Welcome to a blog dedicated to a vibrant culture: the culture of Business & Show Business.

I’m going to discuss, in my blog, the things I encounter or happen to learn, and I ask that you keep an open mind, as this is almost entirely unscripted improvisation on my part.

Getting started is easy – on this blog you will find descriptions of my birth, my family, my daily habits, my recreational endeavors, plus other things.

For me, this blog is a central place where I gather my brain’s thoughts – and thus information, data and ideas are organized, stored, documented and exchanged and presented.

To date, approximately 765 articles, tutorials and documents have been published on this blog.

I ask that you read everything that has been published, within reason and good humor.

It is where I ask you to join me – and this is just for fun – so that you can experience, at least for yourself, the shenanigans and malarkey of Business & Show Business, my life, it’s habits, my family and my beloved pet dogs.

Any issues, complaints or comment is welcome – just be friendly and act decently, so we can prosper together.

If you’re reading this blog and you don’t have a Blogger account, please create one on your Blogger, Google or any other site on the internet because I am able to follow you there.

And if you do have a Blogger account, please follow this blog by adding your URL to each of your posts made on different occasions.

Why do I share so much?

I share what I have learned from my professional and personal life: the aging process, the secrets of longevity, how to improve our physical, psychological and intellectual/spiritual well being, things that nobody talks about because they’re too mundane or taboo to speak about, etc.

I’m a regular cab driver and I drive a fully loaded, heavy duty Hybrid throughout the NYC DMV areas everyday.

This is in addition to driving 25 of my 50-plus private cars on a regular basis.

I’ve been asked repeatedly and openly if I do this to save money.

Well, I take photos of my taxi vehicle and business cars at the end of every day in my studio.

If you have you noticed that each of these vehicles has a different look, it is because I’m constantly changing its looks for


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    System Requirements:

    The game will be playable on any graphics card with at least a DirectX 10.1 (Win7) or DirectX 11.0 (Win8/Win8.1) driver. It will also play on cards with DirectX 9 drivers (Win7) with a bit of trouble. It should play well on any GPU with an integrated GPU, but the game is not optimized for them. There are currently plans to optimize the game for integrated GPUs in a future patch, so they should work well.
    The game will not support previous versions of DirectX or hardware with older GPU drivers.