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How many Popsicle sticks are required for a Popsicle stick puzzle?

The puzzle I’m thinking of is given in the following diagram:

The boxes are to be filled with Popsicle sticks, with sticks touching if and only if the boxes they belong to share a wall. The orange lines draw the boxes apart, and the orange dash marks the boxes that are not touching. An isolated box gets a black box (or left empty) instead.
To fill the puzzle, you start with any box to be filled with one Popsicle stick, and take a second piece of stick to any empty box. As long as there are no “obstructions” on your path through the boxes (i.e. no obstacle that would prevent a Popsicle stick from touching with any other stick), you can take as many sticks as you wish.
How many Popsicle sticks are required to be placed to fill this puzzle?


The answer is:

For every box that shares a wall with another box, you need three sticks.

The key is:

To fill the puzzle, you start with any box to be filled with one Popsicle stick, and take a second piece of stick to any empty box.


How do I read in data from a text file into a JList?

I’m using NetBeans and I’m trying to read in data from a text file that has an address on one line and an asset number on the next. The data in the text file would look like this:
I am a text file that I want to be able to read in.


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