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Wonderful! Wow! I never imagined my query would get converted into such a detailed and perfect guide. Your contributions are very much appreciated for those like me, who are looking for ways to improve the usage of their Android phones and tablets.


The multi-line format is certainly not supported. However, your data is just a little more complex than that, because it includes commas. The program you want, unix2dos, has a -s option for splitting lines on commas. You can also do this in Notepad++ using the “Regular Expression” syntax on the right panel.
The data is saved in a file named “multi.txt” and placed in the root of your sdcard.
unix2dos.exe multi.txt > multi-new.txt

(This is an example, as you only provided one file to convert. Make sure you copy the entire thing to that single file.)
If you want to get better at writing scripts like this, you’ll want to learn the command line. It’s different in Windows than Unix-based operating systems. If you haven’t taken a Unix command line course, I’d recommend studying a text book and taking a course in your target language. (I can suggest you some, if you look around.) I’m sure that your language’s IDEs are very powerful, but they’re very different from Unix, so your learning curve is a bit steeper.
EDIT (replying to @KennyTM’s comment)
I’m sorry. That was wrong. I thought it was unix2dos with a colon, but it’s actually unix2dos.exe.
I just fixed it here.
I just looked up unix2dos.exe on the Internet. It’s a VB app, so it’s obviously Windows-only.
I’m not aware of any free alternatives. However, I know that I can use the Windows 7 built-in ConvertToPS script to batch-convert text documents. If you search your start menu for ConvertToPS, you can probably find it. If you use ConvertToPS from the command line, you can set it up to use text files as input. You can then turn the resulting PS file into whatever format you want with a different tool.

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