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Import exported Waves TTA wave samples (full version with waves license key required) from Waves TTA website.
Use your license key (in hex) in the WLC to authorize new Waves plugins. Waves may close and your license may be lost. Import into Waves.
Check your Waves license status. Enter your Waves license key to grant access to the license center.
How can I upgrade licenses after the license center was discontinued?
Getting support for Waves licenses: Frequently asked questions. License Center.
Waves License Center
Ever wondered why the license center was closed and what will happen to your licenses after October 25, 2015? Waves has announced that the Waves License Center will be .
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Read info about Waves Widget 2.0 and Widget 2.0 beta in this Waves widget 2.0 for Mac.
Waves is a desktop music maker and audio recording application for Linux, Windows and Mac.

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