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The Fledgling (film), a 1925 American silent feature film
The Fledgling (1964 film), a documentary film
The Fledgling (2012 film), a 2010 American 3D family film directed by Adam Shankman

The Fledgling (novel), by Ethel Zoe Baskin
The Fledgling (short story collection), by Angela Carter

Fledgling Records
The Fledglings (album), by the American rock band

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how to get string from spark dataframe where column value is null

I have huge data which I am reading from spark dataframe
|Id |Mobile_no |
|106000011 | 96200072455567 |
|106000011 | 96200072455768 |
|106000011 | 96200072455772 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |
|106000011 | 96200072455773 |

I want to get all the Mobile_no rows where Id is 106000011.
I have tried this
df.where(‘Id = “106000011”‘).select(‘Mobile_no’).count()

But It is returning null, I have checked it in locator

it is giving me 8 rows
I have posted screenshot for DataFrame schema


To get distinct values for the Mobile_no column, use spark.sql.column:
from pyspark.sql.functions import col, to_date

df = spark.createDataFrame([
(“106000011”, “962000

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