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Los Rios De Color Purpura 2 Audio Latino

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Los rios de color purpura What Is A Number Substitute? – Plurals for Spanish Numbers published:29 Dec 2017 What Is A Number Substitute? – Plurals for Spanish Numbers What Is A Number Substitute? – Plurals for Spanish Numbers published:29 Dec 2017 views:47887 This video is designed for beginners who would like to learn how to say ‘plurals for Spanish numbers’. Footnotes are linked to each word in the original text. The Spanish language has some unusual characteristics that are difficult for non-Spanish speakers to grasp, such as plurals and the indefinitive article a. The easiest way to prove that I am not making this stuff up, is to take a look at the plural rules. According to the government, plurals are formed by adding’s’ at the end of the singular form of a word. For example, the plural of “book” is “books.” The indefinite article is used for words that represent a single item. For example, the indefinite article before “book” is “a book.” The indefinite article is often dropped in compound nouns and before words like “the, a, an, some” because these words add “a,” “an” or “the” to another word. For example, the plural of “the elephant” is “the elephants” but the plural of “the elephant” is just “elephant.” When “the” is added to “elephant,” then “a,” “an,” and “some” are not needed. In the video, I follow the plural rules and also add the’s’ when the plural rule is unclear. You can practice by reading the subtitles and repeat after me. 1. Los rios = Rivers 2. de color = Of Color 3. purpura = Purple 4. con = With 5. a = A 6. las = The 7. palabra = Word 8. rios = Rivers 9. por = By 10. ser = To Be 11. porque = Because 12. de = Of 13. los = The 14. la = The 15. defini… What Is A Number Substitute? – Plurals for Spanish Numbers published:29 Dec 2017 6d1f23a050