there are a few different types of dating apps that specialize in getting couples to hook up. genuine asian dating is one of because it brings people together in an appealing setting. it has a vietnamese-style cafecito and a traditional asian carnival atmosphere, which makes it fun and exciting for couples who want an experience like no other. but what makes genuine asian dating stand out from the rest of the dating apps is that its free and you dont have to pay for anything to use it, including seeing profiles of your potential matches. it is a dating app, so it doesnt get high marks for being creepy, but it is specifically designed for casual hookups. this means that people arent necessarily looking to become long-term partners.

the app, however, works in much the same way as genuine asian dating, but it attracts people who want to take their hookup to the next level. in order to do so, you need to pay a membership fee, which is usually only a few dollars and helps you access more features, including a chance to win a lot of money through daily contests. you can either send photos to see if you want to hook up, or you can browse profiles of women youre interested in.

tinder is another great hookup app that works on mobile devices. it launched in 2012 and took the world by storm with its ease of use. people can swipe right or left to see if they want to see more about the other person, or they can look through profiles, which is convenient because you can instantly see if there are enough women or men to go through. then you can message them all in a matter of seconds and send them photos. tinder requires you to pay $9.99 to unlock more advanced features, but it does that by letting you keep your profile and experience as private as possible. and with the regular members of the app offering great deals, you can have as many women or men as you like.