alto makes online dating pretty straightforward: if you’re attracted to someone, you can swipe right. if you’re not, you can swipe left. the result is a of responses on your profile that are probably getting filtered out by other apps like tinder or grindr. alto is about instant results, with the app taking care of the rest. it’s a fast, easy way to see if someone’s worth pursuing or not.

the hookup for women subscription service is available for both ios and android, and it’s been out for some time. it’s not just a hookup app — it’s a service for women who are looking for those special connections with men. it’s also a hookup app. but it’s a little different than the other apps on this list. in essence, it’s like a dating app — you get matched with other women who are looking for the same thing you are, but it’s purely business. you’re supposed to negotiate the terms of the date with a woman before committing to anything else, if you both agree to the terms.

if you want to have casual, no-strings-attached sex that’s open to experimentation, winks can be for you. you can have sex with anyone at anytime, but results won’t stand the test of time. just remember that online hookups are only a good idea if you can be very careful with your health. if you meet up with someone irl, it’s easy to protect yourself and see if things are right. if you want to go a little further, there are chatbots that can get a lot deeper than most apps allow.

okcupid isn’t just about finding love, or even just lust. it’s a dating site for people who just want to have a one night stand. okcupid’s combination of search options, live filtering and bios make it easy to find the type of no strings attached hookup you’re looking for. their members-only section keeps people who don’t want any strings attached safe and they feature a lot of anonymous profiles on their site, which is something that there are a lot of people looking for. if this sounds like the type of experience you’re looking for, you can sign up for free and browse their site.