Telecharger Film Bambola 1996 Gratuit __EXCLUSIVE__

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Telecharger Film Bambola 1996 Gratuit

Bmbola stars Juami (pizzeria owner), Franco Antonio (Papa Bovardo, the jolly undertaker), Veronica Franco (Bambolas backless mom), Francisco Rabal (The Sergeant) and Raquel Molinero (Violetta, Furios wife). The pic, supposedly an adaptation of a play by Gustavo Dziasek, is a riot in its own right with a great cast and a host of great comic performances.

Bambola was followed by the explicit and real-life “Dressed to Kill” (aka A Tale of Two Assholes) in 1997. The satire of local politicians and the Vatican had critics protesting too much. A sequel to the satire was not ready to shoot when it came time to start production, but it did, with a completely new cast and same director, playing cine-macabre. The fact that Bambola sparked off the theme of female sexual power was not coincidental.

Afterwards, Luna returned to comedy with the two Fanny Films entries from the mid-90s: Bread and Tulipan. Both were hits, with the latter garnering Luna the best director award at the 1997 Chicago International Film Festival. The trilogy was completed in 1999 with a classic musical about a young Madonna, a vulgar sex-bomb fantasy, straight out of St. Trinian’s.

Luna spent the next few years writing scripts, producing TV movies, and showing abroad before launching his second directorial feature Txemei, an uneven drama-comedy of 16-year-old pleasure-seeking Barcelona teens. It was followed by Chimera, a dark serious thriller in which Bambola plays a surrogate mom for a set of twins. She is also kidnapped by an American in a misguided attempt to extort cash from her parents for her life.

bambola is a darkly funny, bursting with erotic joie-de-vivre outing from the always irreverent catalan filmmaker. bigas luna is one of those earthy directors who doesnt shy away from exploring the darker areas of the mind and repressed sexuality is a recurring theme in many of his films.
ugo, who has known bambola for a long time, is on his way to see her and the other members of his band, which is playing at a club, but a car accident causes him to miss the concert and to miss bambola too. he goes to the pizzeria and gives bambola a message from the band, but she seems preoccupied. ugo leaves and goes to the cafe, where bambola and settimio are having a coffee. they give him the message from the band and a little later furio arrives and is even more preoccupied. ugo leaves and goes to the club to see the band, and finds it closed.
bambola and settimio go to his flat and wait for furio, who is not coming. settimio decides to go to work and leaves bambola alone. bambola begins to undress and masturbate, to furios enjoyment, as she does so, we see a close up of her anus. furio returns and bambola tries to stop him from seeing her. furio has her face covered in a rag and is about to hit her, when settimio comes home and is about to attack furio, but bambola stops him. furio leaves. settimio gets angry with bambola, but she defends her lover.
bambola walks settimio home, where he tells her that he loves her and that they are going to get married. when they get home, settimio says goodbye to bambola and goes to bed. bambola, meanwhile, takes a shower and tries to wash furios scent away. when settimio comes home, she kisses him. he starts to caress her and she puts a hand over his mouth and asks him not to. but he gently takes her hand away, and begins to kiss her. she resists, but he forces himself on her. she finally gives in and makes love to him.