Wic Reset Utility V2.15 !!TOP!!


Wic Reset Utility V2.15

you will also be able to reset the amount of ink your printer can print. you can learn more about the printer’s ink cartridge and ink levels and replacement options. you can also see details such as the consumable types, consumable amounts, and available ink levels. keep in mind that it is recommended to perform a printer maintenance schedule at least twice a year to keep a printer in good condition.

the line that looks like an error occurs when the utility is run and eventually causes an error as it does on a win7 platform because of the way i am using the source files. there are several things in it to fix it but i don’t have the time to track them all down. hopefully, someone else might want to hack this so that it gets done in a more convenient manner.

making sure i could not get a reset key, i simply tried to remove the cartridges. this was simple enough to do. after doing this and plugging the printer in i immediately turned the printer on. instantly the printer head moved towards the end of the carriage. it looks as though it is going to jam into the carriage. this was not the desired outcome. i turned off the printer and re-installed the cartridges. the printer was not doing this. i reset it, expecting to see it do the same thing again. that did not happen, so i thought i would try other things i had seen on the internet. i removed some of the filters from the printer and tried this as well and it did not work. i then removed the power cable from the printer and replaced it with a new one. the same thing occurred. i then checked the serial number on the printer with my pc reader. i was not getting the serial number but i was getting the device id. i then checked the connection to the printer with my pc and the printer was not receiving signals to begin with. i then took the printer apart completely and went through every sensor/connection in the housing. i found nothing other than the wic reset sensor. this sensor resets itself at the appropriate time and is not the cause of these problems. what remains?

i have an old epson printer, the model is wp-1915. the counter does not reset. i have contacted epson and they said that i should contact you. i have reset it many times and it is not working. what do i need to do? from félix pereira
i just had my inkjet printer reset and it was showing that the counter was off. is there anyway to go back to factory settings and/or reset the counter to the beginning so it doesn’t keep resetting itself? if so how? from chissi
i found this link. it is about the epson model wp-1915. i have a similar problem with mine. when i reset the counter, the new number is always off by two. the new number is always a whole number. from jeff
to make matters worse, the manner in which the hardware measures the saturation of the pads appears to be little more than a counter, which can be reset to extend things a little using epson’s maintenance reset utility (for windows only no macos version is available) before the hammer blow of service is required comes down.
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if you try to get a lot of data from the utility sensors at once, you need to have a lot of (least) 500 measured values in a utility timeframe. you must ensure that the different context transitions are in the timeout time range. otherwise, the sensor readings will probably be overwritten by the new sensor result.