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PPS3PK1PS360PKT3PKCSED · sgx ps 3pk ps 3pk psk.p12 · Ps3bleach PAM code for KPP124 · AES PS3 key protected PPS3PK1President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet in Buenos Aires on Saturday. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images Beijing orders US to end Syria military presence within three days

Chinese state media and officials have threatened to retaliate in the event of military action against Syria as President Donald Trump prepares to meet with his Chinese counterpart later this week.

In a statement published in the official newspaper of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Friday, the Chinese embassy in Washington was ordered to contact the U.S. embassy with Beijing’s stance on a potential U.S. military strike. The statement comes a day after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the administration was “actively evaluating” the possibility of military action in response to a suspected chemical attack in Syria.

“As a great friend and partner of the United States, China will closely follow and evaluate the developments and the impact in Syria,” the statement, attributed to the Chinese embassy in Washington, read.

“We will make stern representations to the U.S. side through diplomatic channels and take all necessary measures to firmly protect our legitimate interests.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with Xi during the G20 summit in Argentina on Friday. Shortly after the two leaders’ meeting, China’s state-run newspaper Global Times published a piece which called for the Trump administration “to learn its lesson,” adding that a strike on Syria would never happen.

The statement said the U.S. has “lost its credibility as a