3d Shota Boys Image Board

shota’s father is away in the hospital. ichiban, rather than taking shota to school, decides to stay with him and take care of him. a nurse comes in and informs shota’s father that he will be out in a couple of days. shota’s father asks ichiban to look after him, as he has a bad knee. ichiban says that he will look after shota and he will also be his teacher. the two of them then lie down on the bed together and ichiban starts to massage shota’s knee. shota tells him to stop and explains to him that he does not have a girlfriend. ichiban then asks if shota has ever been with a girl. shota says no and ichiban asks him if he would like to. shota lies down and ichiban starts to use his fingers to stimulate shota. shota then asks him to stop and tells him that he has to go to school. shota then leaves and ichiban starts to go to school.

ichiban goes to school. he catches up with jinnai and asks him if he saw shota. jinnai says that he is not sure where shota went. ichiban tells him that he would like to go to the hospital to check up on his father. the two of them go to the hospital and get in the elevator. there is a group of karate students who are on their way to school as well. they are laughing and calling each other “baka” (idiot) and ichiban begins to feel uncomfortable in the elevator. one of the karate students asks him if he is a baka as well. when he says no, the karate students begin to beat him up. ichiban is then taken out of the elevator and into the hospital.

ichiban goes to the waiting area and sits down next to shota’s father. ichiban then asks if his father can see him. the nurse says that the father is in the hospital. ichiban then asks if he can see him. the nurse says that he can see him, but that he has to go to the icu and that he can see him tomorrow. ichiban tells him to stay awake until tomorrow and tells him that he will come back to visit him. shota’s father then asks if he can see his son. ichiban then goes to check on his father. he sits down next to him and asks him to wake up. he tells him that the nurse is coming and that he is going to take him to the icu.

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