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The Papuans live primarily in the southern half of the island of New Guinea and the adjacent islands of the Bismarck Archipelago in the country Papua New Guinea. The western part of the island of New Guinea is internationally recognised as the territory of Indonesia, and the area is administered by the province of Papua. The Papuans were also once a major force in the Australian colonies of Queensland and New South Wales, where a significant population lived around the Hornsby and Roto routes.

Before 400 BC, New Guinea was populated by at least five main tribes of which two are today’s tribes, namely the Ontong Java (east coast, Tana Toraja and Wokam), and the Sepik River tribes, who lived in the southwest. Some tribes are still the custodians of a culture that was probably closely related to the original Austronesian people who settled most of the Pacific Islands. However, anthropologists believe the ancestors of the Wokam and Sepik River tribes are the Malayo-Polynesian peoples who migrated from east Asia through the Indonesian archipelago and populated the islands of the Philippines.

The Wokam are traditionally hunter-gatherers, although their methods of hunting are very diverse. Tribes today include the Mentawai, the Yayireh, the Aucas, and the Kula Yake (Yake) of the Sepik region. The largest villages are found in the southernmost point of the island, at the village of the Aucas (population 40.000) and the village of the Yake (population 100.000) along the Sepik river.

From the southern half of the island, three other tribes have historically been active: the Iatmul, the Amungme and the Kenyah. Today’s Papuans are descended from all three of these groups.

The various tribes of Papua are widely scattered over the island; however, today all Pap