Babysitting Cream V1 01 Hacked Game

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as someone who plays through the game and has played through it probably hundreds of times.. i would like to start by saying that i am sorry for the parts in the game that have made you angry. i know how much it hurts to have someone take away something you love. i know how much you wanted to share this with the world and i hope you understand why i had to do this. i’m sorry it had to end this way.

you will find yourself in the same role as the author. the only difference is that you are a male babysitter and you have to care for a little girl named cream. you will play through the game and will have to take care of her.

in this game you will play as a man who is responsible for taking care of a little girl named cream. cream is the daughter of vanilla the rabbit, who is away for a week. you will do everything to take care of cream, cook for her, spend time with her, and most importantly to play with her and take care of her .

the game is about a female babysitter (cream) who is kidnapped by a beautiful woman (vanilla). the kidnapped babysitter (cream) needs to be fed. the babysitter (cream) can be eaten, and if she is eaten she will not be fed again. the babysitter (cream) can be taken to another room and then she will be fed again.

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