Maui Meta 3g V6.1316 179 [BEST] ❎


Maui Meta 3g V6.1316 179

i do have a v5.72 with es file explorer.apk installed on my phone. i copied the folder mpob_001 from /data/nvram/md/nvram/nvram_imei/ to /data/nvram/md/nvram/nvram_imei/
i have then tried to restore the imei using maui meta 3g tool but it is not working. i even tried to flash stock fw using the same but it is showing an error when i am using two sim cards at the same time.
i followed the instruction provided by wiki to do this and since i have bad internet connection i do not have a way to send the log files.
i am using es file explorer.apk and not the file explorer.apk in wiki. i am using mtk6592m, 1gb ram, etc..

i’m a new user of this forum and just want to share my experience with you guys. i have a mt6582 mobile and i’m quite happy with its performance, but recently i installed parse mobile, and one of the features that it has is that it can increase battery life. i decided to try it, so i made a backup of my imei and installed the software.
after the installation of the software, i was not able to connect to my mobile network anymore. i tried to install the software a second time, and i still couldn’t connect. at this point, i started looking for solutions. i tried to do a factory reset, and i tried to do a soft reset, but nothing worked. i tried to do a hard reset, but it didn’t work. i also tried to install different drivers for the network card, but it didn’t work. at this point, i started to get desperate. i even turned off the phone. but in the end, i decided to search on the internet for a solution. i searched a lot, and i found that i could use the program maui meta 3g tool. i tried it and it worked like a charm. i’m very happy with the result, and i wanted to share my experience with you guys.
thank you so much,
victor amoschoa