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The winning player will be the first to score against the AI program. YGOPRO is a network-based online game played between two or more human players. could find a way of making a living and it was the only game in town so to speak. Everybody had to get a degree or be self-employed or a vendor or maybe a worker in the factory or a clerk in a department store. There was also a time when we considered a CEO to be a species of nut job, but now we’ve evolved away from that.

As we described earlier, there are three major trends that may influence the next revolution in work. One is the reinvention of existing industry by faster change, which together with lower headcount and highly skilled labor make cost go down. This is almost as old as civilization and the very essence of the industrial revolution. The second is the increase in the diversity of organizations. The Industrial Revolution was based on the division of labor and while the division of labor in many respects made possible a greater productivity, it also made the organization and management of the new industrial complex more complex.

The third trend is the rising power of the social media and the consumer. This has been evolving over the last decade. And the time is ripe for a revolution, not only as there is more need of labor to fill the larger, faster changing and more diverse organizations but also as people have a thirst for new experiences.


Sui Hong

To be sure, no industry will be spared, not even housing where the classic script is to draw down refinancing to the original mortgage, which created an insolvent housing market, that is now further down refinancing mortgages and increasing rents.

The banking system will ultimately be nationalized by the Fed as they have done in the past. Banks will be partly repaid by insolvent borrowers, partly by the government and partly by the Fed itself.

The book you cite, which is from the Fabian society, was published in