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In This Chapter

Creating and using layers

Working with shapes

Making selections

Working with clipping masks and vector masks

Applying layer masks

Adding color to your images

Choosing colors that work

The cornerstone of any digital image is the _layer_ — the organizing structure used by Photoshop

Photoshop Shortcut Keys Pdf Free Download Free Download

If you can do something in Photoshop, then you can do it in Photo Elements. It has many of the same tools and features, plus a few more and some great new features to help you create better images.

How to use Photoshop Elements for High Quality Photos

While Photoshop Elements may be easier for beginners to use, it also has many more editing options than Photoshop. For many new users, Photoshop Elements has a lot more options. However, there are some really simple and powerful features you can use to improve your images with Photoshop Elements.

You can:

Apply filters to enhance your images

Add text and text effects

Use more advanced styles and editing tools

Choose from a variety of preset content

Use more advanced 3D features

These are some of the ways Photoshop Elements can help you improve your images.

1. Apply a New Filter to Your Photos

Filters can be applied to any photo in your image library, including those you’ve edited in Photoshop. Apply a new filter and you can instantly see how it will change your photo.

You can apply a filter instantly by clicking on the filter you want to use in the Filters panel. You’ll see a preview of the photo. Click the “Apply” button to apply the filter.

When you are finished, click the “OK” button in the Filters panel to return to the image.

Filters can be applied to a wide variety of photos, including still and video. You can also copy a filter and create a new filter using the filter’s settings.

2. Apply a Frame to Your Photos

You can apply a frame to any photo in your image library. Photo frames add a stylistic element to a photo. Add frames to group or solo photos. You can even adjust the frame around a photo.

Frames can be added in the Photoshop Elements Editor.

In the toolbox, drag a frame from the library into the image. You can make the frame as big or as small as you want.

To make the frame around the edges of the photo look more natural, you can click on the “Edge” and “Face” buttons in the right corner of the frame to adjust the frame around the edges or face of the photo.

3. Add a New Type of Text

Now that you can add text in Photoshop Elements,

Photoshop Shortcut Keys Pdf Free Download

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Text formatting issues in IE and Chrome

I’ve got a problem with some text which is displayed just as it should be in FF, IE and Edge.
Basically if you click over it, the text will display as it should appear to normal people.
If you use any “right-click-cursor-on-text”-function it’s displayed as some sort of box which you can edit with the right mouse button. The cursor takes the text properties with him, and it should be easy to change the format of the text using that, but it doesn’t work as it should.
Basically it’s like when you change the font-family and then close the box which is open. The text will be displayed in the old font.
Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea what I mean:

As you can see,

What’s New In Photoshop Shortcut Keys Pdf Free Download?

#What’s it do? #
Create a Healing Brush tool

To create a Healing Brush tool, simply click on the Healing Brush icon (the one with the splattered brush) located in the top toolbar.

#How do I use it? #
Painting brushes allow you to paint or draw on an image as you would with a normal paintbrush. This can also be used to erase or repair image areas, or even to change pixels. You can also resize and move the brush, change opacity and modify your brush settings.

#Sample 1: using a healing brush to repair a knee #

To repair a knee image, we first need to remove some of the areas that are damaged or distracting. Open the knee.jpg image below in Photoshop. Use the Rectangle Selection Tool to draw a rectangular selection around the top of the knee.

A healing brush can be applied to the image by clicking on the icon with a painted brush image, or by pressing the U key while holding the Alt key.

Once the brush has been applied, you can start to paint or draw with the brush. Click to place a new pixel.

Now click to remove the pixel once you’re done drawing.

The brush can be moved to different locations, and you can change its size, opacity, and other settings, like described in the next section.

#Sample 2: healing brush at different scales #

Open both knee.jpg and knee_1.jpg.

Select the two images. Invert the selection. Use the Rectangle Selection tool to resize and move the selection around the image so that it covers the whole knee.

Click on the Clone Stamp icon to open up the Healing Brush dialog.

#Sample 3: modifying your healing brush settings #

Click the Stencil icon on the left of the dialog, and scroll to the bottom of the dialog.

You can change the opacity of the healing brush, you can also have your healing brush follow a certain pattern. Click Customize Brush Settings and create a new custom brush.

Here are the different settings you can change:
& / save settings
# Sample 4: changing the size, opacity, and pattern of your healing brush #

Use the Rectangle Selection Tool to select a selection around the knee.

Click the Pencil icon on the left, and scroll to the bottom.

Change the size of the brush on the Size

System Requirements:

Memory: 128 Mb RAM
Graphics: 2D video hardware capable of displaying 1024 x 768 pixels
Hard Disk: 4.5 GB available space
Network: Internet connection required
Keyboard/Mouse: Windows and Mac compatible, keyboard and mouse
Sound Card: Compatible with Windows or Mac with sound output
Processor: Pentium III class 800MHz or faster (or equivalent)
Operating system: Windows XP
Browsers: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox or higher, Safari