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Clear Clipboard is a very handy utility for those that need to delete clipboard data such as names of files or URLs from their desktop or from the clipboard.
The program requires an icon to be placed on your desktop or desktop shortcuts in order to be activated via a double-click operation. Once you click the icon, the utility displays a very simple interface, asking you to confirm the deletion process. At the end of it, all clipboard content that was previously saved on the desktop will be deleted.
Works as a very simple utility that requires no user interface to work.
The program doesn’t require support for advanced features that could aid you with user-defined hotkeys and automatically clear the clipboard data at a custom time.
We found Clear Clipboard to be quite reliable and efficient. The cleaning process takes a very short time to perform and doesn’t require input from the user.
Clear Clipboard Screenshots:
Clear Clipboard Free Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista. Portable. Clear Clipboard is a small application developed by CoolApps. It can be used on all the versions of Windows OS.

Steps To Install Clear Clipboard
1. Launch your browser and head on to the download page for the tool by clicking on the link below.

2. After you complete the download and install process, launch the program by double-clicking the executable file you have just downloaded.
3. To run the application, type its name on the search bar as it can be located in the Quick Launch bar.
4. Please don’t forget to have your friend or family member double-click on the application icon for you.
User Guide
The program provides a very simple interface that requires no advanced knowledge of computer users to work. In no time, you can make use of its basic features to clear clipboard contents from your desktop.
Please be advised that Clear Clipboard doesn’t support advanced features that could aid you with user-defined hotkeys or automatically clear the clipboard data at a custom time.
Additional requirements
In order for the tool to work properly, you need to have an icon placed on your desktop or desktop shortcuts.
How to use:
Please double-click on the program’s icon on your desktop. Don’t forget to have your friend or family member do it for you as well

Clear Clipboard Crack+ Free Download 2022 [New]

Clear Clipboard Cracked Version is a small Windows application designed with a single goal in mind: to help you clear the clipboard content with minimal effort. How it works The program doesn’t offer support for a GUI in order to help you accomplish the deletion process. You need to perform a double-click mouse operation on the utility’s icon. Clear Clipboard reveals a popup message at the end of the task letting you know that data from the Windows clipboard was deleted. When you exit the confirmation panel, the application is automatically closed. Performance During our testing we have noticed that Clear Clipboard carries out a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. As it would be expected from such a small utility, it remains light on the system resources, so it doesn’t hamper computer performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality. Where it falls short On the downside, the utility doesn’t offer support for advanced features that could help you trigger the cleaning process with the aid of user-defined hotkeys and automatically clear the clipboard data at a custom time. Since it doesn’t make use of a user interface, you can add the program’s icon to the Quick Launch bar or to your preferred app launcher. Bottom line To sum things up, Clear Clipboard proves to be a simplistic application that bundles basic features for helping you clear clipboard data. It can be easily installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

After downloading and installing the application, click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Applications & Features.

Select Clear Clipboard and click on Details (f5 key).

A detailed information window should appear. Make sure to select the Use the program Windows normally checkbox, so that the application doesn’t block any other program from using the clipboard.

Click on OK.

Double click on the application’s icon and you will notice that the program’s main window will appear on the screen.

Click on Clear Clipboard and a message saying that the contents of the clipboard were cleared should be shown.

Click on Exit on the application’s main window in order to close the utility.

To perform a task, click on the program’s icon.

Additional Information

Clear Clipboard is a small utility developed by Nahum Amer. The archive file weighs in at just 1.58 MB, and it is signed by the developer.
The main program

Clear Clipboard For PC

* Clear clipboard without any action, no need to interact with an
Application no need to speak the right languages to use, just click twice
in the mouse in order to get rid of clipboard data
* Totally clear clipboard from all applications
* Clean the clipboard content once and for all
* Clean clipboard content without any interaction
* Clean clipboard content without any action, no need to interact with an application
* Delete all clipboard content, not just the last copy
* Remove all clipboard content from notepad, etc
* Forget to remove clipboard content?
Clear Clipboard not working?
* Try as the first thing to delete clipboard content before trying other solutions
* Check the software version, there is a known issue which may cause the failure
* Reposition the mouse cursor
* Restart your computer or press the Alt+F2 keys to open the Run dialog. Type the following command there and press Enter
gpedit.msc and press OK.
* Try to make another copy
* Try to select a different program that has copied clipboard content
Clear Clipboard Windows 10 Error
* Failed to clean clipboard content, this usually happens when there is no copy or paste event happens in another application
* Don’t try to open hardware settings or performance settings to tweak the system because they can not help
* Try to open another video player, browser or something else that might have copied content, and then try to do clean the content
* If the error happens before the window is closed, then the content remains in the clipboard until the process is terminated, you can create a shortcut to terminate it forcefully
* If the error happens after the window is closed, then the process is terminated when you close the window and the content will be cleaned
* Restart the computer or press the Alt+F2 keys to open the Run dialog. Type the following command there and press Enter
gpedit.msc and press OK.
* Open the Control Panel
* Try to paste content again

How to fix the error:
* Open the Control Panel
* Choose Appearance and Personalization
* Go to the Personalization tab
* Tick the Change how themes are applied to window buttons checkbox
* Click Apply
* Close the dialog
* Now you can open the program and clean the clipboard content
Hide Clipboard Data
* Go to the Control Panel
* Open the Administrative Tools
* Choose Privacy Settings
* Tick the Turn off the data hiding settings box

What’s New In?

The goal of the program is to avoid accumulation of trash inside the Windows clipboard, which can complicate content merging and lead to serious performance errors when copying files to other machines with different operating systems.

Clear Clipboard News:


*Delete all text from the Windows clipboard in one go;
*Clear text, formatted, rich formatting, photos, image files, URLs, and any other info from the clipboard using a single mouse click;
*Delete clipboard info only from the browser history;
*Automatically clears clipboard data when removing a file from the Downloads manager;
*Make a shortcut on the desktop, in Start Menu, or start menu folder to access the utility with a single mouse click;
*Work with all versions of Windows;
*Launch on any system with the Save As option in the Start Menu;
*Support for all browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari;
*Delete clipboard data from system queues;
*Saved settings option for browser plugins;
*Run on all Windows versions from 2000 to Windows 10;
*Run when booting up the computer;
*Limited amount of clipboard history to clear;
*Clean clipboard data when closing an opened tab in web browsers;
*Force a choice between deleting items from the Windows clipboard or clearing all info from the system.
*Optionally activate a daily cleaning procedure;
*Optionally activate restoration of text and data from the Windows clipboard.

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